Handmade & Gorge Tested Molly Mac Gear made by MacEntyre.

John MacEntyre (known as Molly Mac Gear) is the maker of unique hammock gear. He offers canvas items, hammocks, synthetic quilts, The Gear Box, and more —  for those who like to adventure out in extreme cold temperatures. Whether you’re a lightweight backpacker, long/short distance hiker or car camping, MacEntyre has a diverse product line with multi-uses for everyone!

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The Molly Mac gear Bivy Hammock first impression review by Ellis M. Delahoy

The article below was submitted to OutdoorTrailGear by a customer who recently purchased the Bivy Hammock made by Molly Mac Gear. Thank you Ellis! We look forward to a field report!

While trying to lighten my pack load for the coming year, I learned that my hammock with my alterations weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. Add to that an 8 oz. bug net for a total of 1 lb. 14 oz Almost 2 lbs! As much as I like my DIY hammock, it was a bit too much. So I went searching the Internet for an alternative. What I found was the Molly Mac Gear Bivy Hammock. It weighs less than a pound and is so multipurpose as to be the Swiss Army knife of hammocks.

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Molly Mac Gear Store –> MMG Bivy Hammock

The Molly Mac Gear (MMG) bivy hammock is derived from the Mors Scarf, by Mors Kochanski. It is a hammock, a breathable bivy sack, an emergency coverall, a scarf, and more!

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