ZPacks LLC was founded by Joe Valesko 2005. He personally designs and tests all the gear. Joe has thru-hiked over 9,400 miles including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Te Araroa Trail.

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At Lukes Ultralite we specialize in making the lightest possible backpacking gear, by using the latest in materials.


Most of my products are sewn but when necessary or more practical a bonding method is used, like in our cuben fiber products. If you see any product you would like to see in a different size or any custom addition this can more than likely be accommodated via email or calling me personally. Thanks and enjoy your visit to my website.

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Custom Cuben fiber backpack cover. You can have any logo, picture, design along with your trail name printed on a cuben pack cover.

Made of .52 ounce/yard cuben fiber this totally waterproof durable pack cover weighs slightly more than 1 ounce. We can put any image on it as long as it does not break trademark laws. The design is sandwiched and sealed between 2 layers of cuben fiber and is printed with magazine quality. The ink is not exposed to insure long lasting beauty.

Comes in white (shown in muted green).
$67 – With your own graphic, logo, trailname design
$41 – without a design/No Graphics.

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If you order includes an image on the cover — Instructions for graphics will be emailed to you once order is placed.

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