Dutchware Custom Work

Dutchware Store -> Dutchware Custom Work

Custom work by Dutchware for your Hammock suspensions

Dutchware offers custom work/ services for your specialized hammock suspension requests or hammock hardware. After discussing your custom project with our staff – Please use the form below to make payment if you have been quoted a price for custom work/items.

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Dutchware FAQ

Dutchware Gear -> FAQ

Below are some frequently ask questions and/or instructions on how to use some of the Dutchware hardware.

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Dutchware Gear Store -> Tarp Flyz & Stingerz

Tarp Flyz & StingerZ for Tarp Suspensions.

Tarp Flyz – A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.

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Dutchware Store -> Clip on tarp pull outs

Hammock Tarp pull outs

Clip on tarp pull outs. These have a unique design with an o-ring around the doughnut making it gentle on your tarp and tacky on silicone nylon.

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Dutchware Utility hook

Dutchware Store -> Utility Hook

This is a 4 in one that can go on your whoopie sling suspension or ridgeline. It makes it very convenient to hang and keep track of your empty stuff sacks while keeping them off the ground and under your tarp. Designed by Tato.

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