Dutchware Custom Work

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Custom work by Dutchware for your Hammock suspensions

Dutchware offers custom work/ services for your specialized hammock suspension requests or hammock hardware. After discussing your custom project with our staff – Please use the form below to make payment if you have been quoted a price for custom work/items.

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Whoopie hooks ultralight hammock suspension hardware

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Made from titanium these aren’t you father’s hooks. These whoopie hooks made by Dutchware Gear make it easy to connect & disconnect your hammock suspension when setting up camp. They weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 1000 pounds. They replace the whoopie bead with a hook that will “snap” on to 7/64ths amsteel. They are easy to connect, easy to disconnect but will stay on until you disconnect them. They come sold as the hardware alone and you can splice them on your whoopie sling yourself.

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Dutch Buckle hammock suspension hardware

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DutchWare Bio

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Welcome to Dutchware. In 2003 I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and learned to take a minimalist approach to my hiking gear and life in general. (See Dutch’s 2003 Applalacian Trail Journal )

I could not find much gear sold commercially that shared my passion for stripping away anything that wasn’t needed. So, I started making my own gear, such as hammocks, backpacks, quilts and clothes. I especially enjoyed making hardware for the hammock community and soon was the inventor and manufacturer of the Dutch Clip (a clip that connects webbing suspension around the tree).

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