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When I was a little I loved to take straws from restaurants and attach them end to end to make one long epic straw. I don’t know what the fascination was, but it seems to be a pretty universal one. I have seen countless children, in countless restaurants making the same types of straws. Then you have crazy straws that loopy loop or form glasses or other crazy shapes. There’s just something about long straws that captivates the little kid in us. Maybe that’s why we like hydration bladders. In essence they are just really long straws.

The first and only hydration bladder I have ever owned is Camelbak. I actually own several and they have served me well through the years. But I recently had the opportunity to try a different hydration bladder called Hydrapak. It was my first time to see and use features another brand had to offer. And I was impressed with what they had come up with.

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