Looking for a easy fast way to set up the ridgeline for your hammock tarp?

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Here you can purchase a gift certificate for a chosen amount to purchase any Dutchware Gear hammock suspension hardware & accessories

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Dutchware FAQ

Dutchware Gear -> FAQ

Below are some frequently ask questions and/or instructions on how to use some of the Dutchware hardware.

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Dutchware Gear Store -> Tarp Flyz & Stingerz

Tarp Flyz & StingerZ for Tarp Suspensions.

Tarp Flyz – A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.

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Dutchware Gear

Dutchware Gear. (Dutch Clips LLC) is the maker of ultra lightweight hammock suspension, tarp suspension hardware and accessories.

Producing high quality, innovative products using a minimalist approach – with endless uses for your backpacking, hiking & camping gear.

These small ultralight items are useful for hammock or ground dwellers to make for the easiest setup when you get to camp.

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