Hummingbird Hammocks started with a simple desire to build a hammock. Our designer looked around his rigging loft and used the skydiving materials he had on hand to build himself a hammock. The use of these materials, combined with the design and construction techniques borrowed from the Parachute Industry Association, created a hammock that is stronger, far lighter and much smaller packing than any other hammock on the market.

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Hammock suspension accessories

Dutchware Store -> Tree Straps & Tree Huggers

Tree straps & Tree huggers to use with your other Dutchware hammock hardware.

Tree Straps: Has one 3.5″ sewn loop with the other end melted at a small angle.

Tree Huggers: Two 3.5″ sewn loops (1 loop at each end)

Webbing is 1″ camo
Rated by the manufacturer up to 1000lbs.

Tree Straps & Tree Huggers Tree Straps Tree Huggers


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