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Zing-it, Lash-it, Amsteel, Dynaglide, Webbing & Shockcord

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Zing-It & Lash-It

Made from Dyneema fiber, this rope yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available.

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A lot of buzzing going on at Dutchware. Maybe it’s all those Tarp Flyz?

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Dutchware Gear

Dutchware Gear. (Dutch Clips LLC) is the maker of ultra lightweight hammock suspension, tarp suspension hardware and accessories.

Producing high quality, innovative products using a minimalist approach – with endless uses for your backpacking, hiking & camping gear.

These small ultralight items are useful for hammock or ground dwellers to make for the easiest setup when you get to camp.

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Whoopieslings.com special—— Looking for a continuous ridge line? We have teamed up with the splicing gurus at Whoopieslings.com to provide the most convenient way to get a continuous ridge line.

Whoopieslings.com uses 1.75mm dyneema fiber Zing It/Lash-It line that results in a finished length of 30 feet. Zing It/Lash-It line Available in grey, red or silver.

The Dutch Hook is incorporated into a spliced fixed eye on one end. The Tarp Flyz is threaded onto the line and is prevented from coming off by an end splice on the other end of the ridge line.

The ridge line will be equipped with (2) of Whoopieslings.com soft shack prusiks for tarp attachment making this one of the lightest tarp suspensions available. Whoopieslings.com’s ridgeline can be seen and purchased here.

We will gladly drop ship your order of 1 flyz and 1 hook to Whoopieslings.com, for incorporation into your ridge line. Once Whoopieslings.com receives the Dutchware products, they’ll get your ridge line made up as quickly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The Whoopieslings.com products are NOT included in the price listed. They have to be ordered separately from whoopieslings.com. We are simply providing the Flyz and the hook at a discounted price. I will drop ship the hardware to whoopieslings.com and they will ship the completed continuous ridge line to you.

Total weight (Dutch Hook, Flyz, Line & soft shack prusiks) ~ 19 grams



This product is no longer available

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Dutch Buckle, Dutch Tarp Flyz, Dutch Mini Ridgeline Biners, Dutch Hook, Amsteel whoopie slings, Zing-It, Continuous Ridgeline Package deal. (Ducthware Hardware w/ Whoopieslings.com CRL)

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Made from Dyneema fiber, this twine yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available.

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