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The Dutch Buckle specially designed to replace the marlin spike hitch with a light faster and safer method of connecting the whoopie sling to the hammock suspension tree straps.

The secret to making this so light weight is all the force is put on the tree straps and not the buckle. Your Whoopie sling actually be becomes part of the buckle to lock the tree straps in place. With the Whoopie sling going around the tree straps there is much less wear on it and it doesn’t have to make a tight radius.

Once on the buckle the whoopie sling can be easily adjusted and won’t slip off the buckle like it slips off the knot of the marlin spike hitch.

The buckle is completely adjustable so you can quickly slide the buckle up or down to accommodate a wide variety of tree sizes.

As an added feature the Dutch Buckle has a retention shock cord and latch method to keep your tree straps nice and neat when not deployed.

Dutch Buckle weighs 10 grams.
1″ wide 6ft tree straps & buckle weighs 46 grams
Dutch Buckle is made to accommodate 1″ webbing.

Dutch Buckle Dutch Clips, buckle and hook

Here’s a couple of videos showing a demo of the Dutch Buckle
Also, see the Ducthware FAQ for more info on how to add whoopie slings to Hennessy Hammocks.




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  1. Will the full set up work with a HH Expedition?


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