Mini Lunar alcohol stove

Lightweight mini Lunar alcohol stove for backpacking, hiking, camping or prepping.

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Here is the Mini Lunar alcohol stove, this is truly a unique alcohol stove design. The base has been milled out so it truly forms an air gap between the stove and the surface with your fuel nipple totally unobstructed by being placed directly underneath the stove.

This stove will come with 2 sets of legs one for 12cm Imusa pots and MSR Titan Kettles and then a straight set of legs for all other pots. The stove also incorporates a safety top, which will allow for some spillage and it will keep the fuel near the wick instead of letting it run down the side of the stove. The stove will also come with fuel line, nipple cap and 4oz fuel bottle. The Mini Lunar alcohol stove weighs in at 2 ounces.


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