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The lightweight cook table is a great way to cook your meals while out on the trail without having to set down on the ground.

UPDATE AUG 27 2015: Smokeeater908 is not taking orders at this time. Ability to order will open back up once current orders are fullfilled

It is the “Smokeeater908 Table”, this is a very versatile table able to use to cook on or place your food on it. You could get both tables and use one for your cooking and one for your eating. A great combination to add to your pack while on the trail.

For all of you that are weight conscious the regular size “Smokeeater908 Table” weighs in at 5.00 ounces while the small “Smokeeater908 Table” weighs in at 3.75 ounces. Either one of these products fit easily into your pack and all you do is pull the shock cord tightly around a small tree and then place a hiking pole in the small hole located in the front and set the hiking pole to the desired height.

$17.00 – Small Table price (5×9)
$25.00 – Regular Table price (8×10)


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