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NEW!! Mini Heat Alky Stove Here is the ultra small and ultra lightweight Mini Heat alcohol stove, it is machined out of one piece of aluminum stock. This stove is one piece and is a great little lightweight fireball.

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Georgia Heat Stove This is a bottle fed alcohol stove that you can fuel and keep burning as long as you have a fuel bottle with fuel in it. This stove is also going to come with a rubber cap over the fuel tap and if you desire to use the stove without the fuel bottle you won’t have to worry about fuel spilling out of the stove. You can use the stove as a bottle fed stove or you can use it without the fuel bottle attached. This stove is made for the patient hiker, it is not a fast boiling stove but it is very fuel efficient, on one fueling the stove will burn for average 17-19 minutes.

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Smokeeater908 Rollover Stove Rollover Stove This is the stove for the seriously ultralight backpackers. This stove has a great flame pattern where you can set a Fosters Pot or any other similar size pot directly on top of the stove. No pot stand is required.

You can bring 2 cups of water to a boil in around 6 minutes. These stoves are fueled with 1/2 tsp of fuel and burned for specific flame pattern and function of the stove.

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Flashover StoveFlashover Stove Flashover stove is made from stock aluminum on a metal lathe. This stove is a great working stove, it is one stove where you can cook breakfast on the trail and you don’t have to waste left over fuel you just put the lid on it and reuse what fuel you have left. If you are wanting to just keep something warm put the simmer ring on and keep things warm and not boiling. This is an all around very versatile stove that you would be proud to carry in your pack.

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snow-peak600-lid NEW!! Snow Peak600 Lid! Here is our aluminum lid made to fit a Snow Peak 600 cup, this is a great lid for people who use the SP600. This lid weighs in at 11 grams.

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NEW!! Mini Heat Cook Kit This is the Mini Heat cook kit, this kit is a complete cooking it with either your choice of an 8oz, 10oz or 12oz cook pot with an aluminum lid and fiberglass wick.

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Smokeeater908 Beer Can Cookpot 908 Beer Can Cook Pot Here we have a Foster’s Beer Can that has been cut down to use a Cook Pot, this cook pot comes with an aluminum ring installed, a lid, and fiberglass wick. We have three different standard sizes an 8 oz. pot, 12oz. pot or a 16oz. pot. Please specify which size you are interested in.

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Smokeeater908 Beer Can Cook Kit908 Beer Can Cook Kit Here we have the Someeater908 Cook Kit, this kit comes complete with a 16.oz Fosters or Molsen Beer Can Cook Pot with aluminum ring, an aluminum lid, and fiberglass wick. The container that holds the cook pot has a 2 cup bottom and a 1 cup lid. Also included in this cook kit is an aluminum windscreen and a wire pot stand.

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Cook Pot Beer Can LidBeer Can Cook Pot Lid Made for any size Foster’s or Molsen Cook Pot that has been cut down. This is made from Aluminum with a wooden handle.

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Lightweight Cook TableLightweight Cook Table Here is a great way to cook your meals while out on the trail without having to set down on the ground. It is the “Smokeeater908 Table”, this is a very versatile table able to use to cook on or place your food on it.

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Smokeeater908 Cook Kitchen Kit Smokeeater908 Cook Kitchen Kit. Includes 908 Cook Kit, Smokeeater908 Table and The Flashover Stove. This is a set where you would have an almost complete kitchen while out hiking on the trails. The Cook Kit comes with a 16oz cook pot with aluminum ring, aluminum lid and fiberglass wick, cook kit container, windscreen and wire pot stand. Then there is the Smokeeater908 aluminum table and The Flashover Stove which is machined from stock aluminum , the stove comes with a lid and a simmer ring.

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aluminum-beer-can-ring Aluminum Beer Can Ring The Aluminum ring made to insert into a Foster’s or Molsen Beer Can that has been cut down from a 25 oz can. The ring is made to add rigidness to the can once the top has been cut off.

SPECIAL OFFER! From now until Dec 25th, 2011 recieve a FREE pot lid when ordering an aluminum ring.

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Create Your Own Beer Can Cook Pot Create Your Own Beer Can Cook Pot This setup allows you to create your own size Fosters or Molsen Beer Can cook kit, this set is complete with an aluminum ring, a lid, and some 1/8″ Fiberglass Wick material to wrap for a heat shield.

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