6 ft whoopie slings

6 ft Amsteel whoopie slings for hammock suspension

whoopie slings

These whoopie slings are made from 7/64″ Amsteel, which consists of braided Dyneema.

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The material is extremely durable and has a strength rating comparable to that of steel – but weighs a fraction of what steel does and even floats! These have been field-tested by countless backpackers/campers looking to lighten their packs and increase the versatility of their camping hammock. They are easy to install on a variety of commercially-produced hammocks and nearly all D.I.Y. backpacking hammocks.

Adjustable from ~1.5 feet to ~6 feet in length
7/64″ Amsteel Blue has a 1500lb Average Breaking Strength
Does not absorb water or stretch
The lightest hammock suspension available – use with webbing tree huggers (sold separately)

Price: $13.29

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